We have selected 3 fresh, cool & creative ads campaigns made for Adidas, Smarties and Nvidia. That’s a sportswear company, a company that sells delicious candy and a company that makes video graphic boards. Although, very different indeed, these companies ran sum awesome campaigns and I’m sure they’ve reached their target.
Now, the Smarties campaign is probably the cleverest. The company tries to sell its product by saying that it fits every type of personality. Nevertheless, Nvidia’s campaign is surprisingly, since it transforms a non-attractive product (who the hell likes video boards!?) into a cool and awesome one. Adidas has got us used with these beautiful campaigns, so it’s nothing extraordinary there. Now, I hope that you’ll enjoy it, as well as getting inspired by it. Nevertheless, if you’ll like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Clément, 21 years old – CREATIVE – Orange Smarties’ Eater



 Elisa, 18 years old – PASSIONATE – Red Smarties’ Eater



 Antoine, 24 years old – EFFEMINATE – Pink Smarties’ Eater



 Marion, 19 years old – PUNCTUAL – Green Smarties’ Eater



 Matthew, 22 years old – GRUMPY – Purple Smarties’ Eater



 Chloé, 25 years old – CRAZY – Brown Smarties’ Eater



 Nicolas, 23 years old – DREAMER – Blue Smarties’ Eater



 Camille, 26 years old – LOOSENED UP – Yellow Smarties’ Eater