We’ve gathered 25 vintage ads as we tried to find how a hi-tech world looked without Apple.  Today, more and more people find Apple products indispensable. Furthermore, the iPhone with its cool design and neat applications has doubled its market share in the past year, threatening the virtual duopoly of Nokia and Samsung. However, until the late 1990s, Apple was only a major regional player, its product being predominantly sold in the USA.

Now, starting from the 1950s there were three main multinational corporations who sold what where back then high tech products: Motorola (American), Sony (Japanese), Philips (Dutch). These competed on three major products: radio, TV and sound devices. These had a fairly equal market share until the 1970, when Sony took the lead. Furthermore, the huge investments made by Sony in research and development had finally paid off in the 1980s, when it has acquired some important temporary competitive advantages.

Below, you’ll have the opportunity to compare between the ads and products and to see each company’s strategy. For instance, in the portable radio section, Motorola betted on design, whereas Sony on the technical details. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!


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4-inch Sony  (1965)



Sony TC-766-2 Reel to Reel Advert (1977)



Sony Walkman Water Resistant (1983)



The 7 inch Sony TV (1970s)



Sony Walkman (1980s)



Sony Betamax (1978)



Sony videorecorder (1967)



Sony -Research Makes The Difference (1960)



Sony Come in Planet Earth (1981)



Sony Stereo (1970)



Sony Walkman Pro Cassette WM-D6 Advert (1982)



Philips portable radio & record player (1963)



Radiofrigo Philips France (1957)



Philips Continental 200 Mark II tape recorder (1963)



Philips Phonograph (1950s)



 MOTOROLA Hi-Fi Fiber Glass Portable Phonograph (1957)



Motorola Portable Radio (1951)



MOTOROLA Portable Radio Model 5P21 (1958)



Motorola Caribbean (1950s)



Motorola Exclusive (1955)



Motorola TV (1950)






MOTOROLA Portable Phono Model 3F22 (1958)