We have gathered 42 Second World War Ads and I think that you shouldn’t miss them under any circumstances. Starting from 1942 and until 1945, companies began to use the war as a means of promoting their products. Of course, except for a few companies such as Coca-Cola, most of these corporations were, let’s say, patriotic. If you’re asking yourself in what sense, well first of all they were urging people to buy bonds, to participate in the war effort and to be optimistic. Therefore, they weren’t that self-centered.

Nevertheless, below you’ll find some really worth viewing WW2 ads that include famous multinationals such as Rolls Royce, Shell, Nestle, Good Year, Marlboro, Coke, Schlitz or IBM.  For that reason, a blue ribbon company such as this certifies the great quality of the ads.  Furthermore, I have to admit that I couldn’t resist not putting 2 ads from the Cold War and one from WW1. But that should only add more value. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Nestle (1943)



Community Silverware (1942)


 Tank Corps (1942)



Marlboro (1944)



WWII Pennsylvania Railroad (1945)


“More than just a classic railroad ad, this series of magazine ads placed by the Pennsylvania Railroad truly demonstrate the patriotism, hard work, and sacrafices that were made by our families, industry, and our nation in fighting for freedom when the whole world was at war.
Produced throughout 1945, these ads posted the running total of Pennsylvania Railroad employees that had entered the Armed Forces and the number that gave their lives for our country. Numbers for this ad: 50,503 served – 516 gave their lives.”



Swift Canadian Co. Limited (1943)



Coke (WW2)



Schlitz (1945)



Cold War Propaganda (1950)



Women’s Land Army (1942)



IBM-Vital To Our National Defense (1951)



Schenley (1942)



Keep America Rolling (1944)



Norge (1943)



Coca Cola (1942)



War work refresh (1942)



Schenley (1942)






Avco War Mobility (1941)



Rolls Royce (1939)



Coke (1944)



American Library Assoc (WW1)



Shell (1951)



Bendix (1943)



Western Electric (1944)



Goodyear aircraft carrier (1943)



Railroad Manpower (1944)



MH Electronics (1943)


Cannon Towels



Norge (WW2)



Alaskan Aquacade (1943)



Martin Aircraft (1942)



Convair (1953)



WWII Coke Soda (1944)



Build for your Navy! Enlist! (1942)



Gruen (1942)



WWII Pennsylvania Railroad, 822 Gave Their Lives (1945)



US Air Force Korea (1951)



Good Year (1943)



Shell (1942)



Western Electric (1943)