36 Cool & Unique Vodka Bottle Designs

We have gathered what we think are 30 Cool and Unique Vodka Bottle Designs and I’m are sure that you’ll find them as stunning as we did.  Well, I’m sure that everybody heard of Absolut vodka, because you’ll be seeing a lot of great vodka bottles from them.  Nevertheless, after I saw these absolutely gorgeous vodka packages, I went to my store and asked them if they know any vodka suppliers that could bring me the Absolut rock vodka. That’s a really extraordinary bottle!

Now, in this article, you’ll be seeing every type of vodka bottle designs that you could possibly imagine! From elegant, cool, unusual to cylindrical and rectangular. And, of course, you’ll find the name of the vodka designers. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community!

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DQ Vodka


Absolut rainbow




Frozen Ghost Vodka

Designed by Levenson & Hill


Absolut Flavor of the Tropics



Chopin Vodka



Russian Vodka

Ksenia Suvorova


Absolut Rock Edition



Absolut Brooklyn

Designed by The Brand Union



Absolut Mango



ABSOLUT Berri Açaí


Absolut Miami




Absolut Orient Apple




Absolut Vodka Illusion Edition


Student Work – José Luis García Eguiguren



Finlandia Vodka



Student Work – Daniel Brokstad



Sexy Tina Milky Vodka



Black Fig

Designed by Phillips Design Group


U’Luvka Vodka



Student Work-Hamish Smyth



Mamont Vodka



Iced Vodka



Nipernaadi Vodka

Designed by Taevas Ogilvy



Designed by Maas Design


Student Work – Melissa Nemec


Black & Gold Elk

Designed by NTGJ


Million Vodka

Designed by Only Creatives


Pink Pigeon

Designed by devilfish & Buddy



Designed by StudioIN


Mississippi River Distilling Company

Designed by MindFire Communications

Brand X Liquor

Designed by Charles S. Anderson Design


Vodka 14

Designed by Jonathan Weiss


Jonah and the Whale

Designed by TACN Studio


Lithuanian Vodka

Designed by LT Identity


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  8. Madi Ahmed   •  

    Hi, i’m a media and communication student and i have to analyse the above pictures semiotically..So if you can just tell me the reason that why you’ve chosen this ‘font. text and color’ to write “Absolute Vodka” and what you want to tell us with this..that would be appreciated by me if you answer..Thank You! :)

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  10. Jon   •  

    hey i am looking to start a premium vodka brand and looking to work closely with a designer to get the best product out there for the market.

  11. LSW   •  

    Looking for a design for a Vodka called 4 Steps Vodka help thanks

  12. Lee   •  

    Seen a bottle on TV in the shape of an AK-47 . I would like to know if this is just a bottle or a type of vodka?

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  14. Dan   •  

    Sad to see Belvedere vodka missing from this list, and also the Ukrainian and Russian gun vodka bottles.

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