This is a collection of 30 Unique and Well Designed Business Cards and I’m sure that these are the right ones for those of you who lack inspiration in designing such types of cards.  In today’s business world every detail counts and every opportunity to make yourself remarked should by maximum used.  And I think that this kind of mini-speech should be used when you tell your clients that a bold designed business card is what they need for improving their company’s image and the likelihood of getting a deal done.
Well, below you’ll see some unique stuff such as a razor business card, a USB one, muffin lookalike, cassette (this is a great idea of emotional marketing! Everybody likes to go back to the old good days!) and so forth. Besides these, I’ve prepared some that are more classic, but indeed very well designed. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Lady Bon Bon



Meesh One Studio



Mineral Spring Water



Chaput Real Estate


Origami Business Card




USB Business Card




Brands for the People



Generation Green business card



Artwork Letterpress Design



Fingerprint alphabet business cards




Guitar Trader business



Cafe Jave Fine Espresso



Razors Edge



Metal Business Card




Chromatistes Meres (Colorful Days)



WG Authentic



Shawna Photographer



Melrose Street



Bright Red Letterpress



Vive Tile business



Mile Deep Films & Television — Identity



Web Designer Card


Laser Cut Chipboard Card



Graphic Designer



Black & White Letterpress







Bigode Ideias



Business Card Bird



Palindrome Card



Career Pointers