We have gathered a collection of 30 Unique USB Flash Drive Designs and we think they might be inspirational for you. I mean, who doesn’t want a cool new flash drive instead of the old classic boring ones that we are used to? Yes, I agree that utility should stand above, but these little babies can bring a smile on your face our on the faces of the people with whom you interact.

Well, below you will find some USB Flash Drives from famous companies such as Kingston, or simply Flash Drives that are (unfortunately) only concepts. Nevertheless, the shape and the design of these gorgeous devices range from cars, people, robots, darts, cassette, claw and cartoon characters. There is a huge diversity and you should definitely scroll the page with care. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community. Many thanks! Cheers!

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MS ind. USB Flash concept

Damjan Stankovic



Adidas Neo Branding

Jared Nickerson









USB – Redesign a Pendrive

Roshan Hakkim



USB Flash concept

Kateryna Sokolova























Paper UsB Type

Zim And Zou


Wooden Usb

Malet Thibaut






USB man design for geologists


Roonel van Heerden





ECO MOSAIC – usb, recycled materials

Dorota Kos



MR HIDE USB flash drive

Michael Bonikowski


Absolute USB

Tao Ma


King And Queen Mimobot





Joel Escalona




Alessandro Martorelli