Today you’re going to see 30 Super Awesome Concept Package Designs and I’m sure that you’ll going to say “Mate, that’s an extremely cool list!” Well, I really can’t remember a concept being uncool. That’s because probably awesomeness is in their DNA.

Nevertheless, the major disappointment is that most concepts don’t make it into the shelves of the supermarkets. Their just there to admired and that’s about it. And it’s a pity. Well, I hope at least one of you will manage to get inspired from these package concepts and afterward make something that we will find in every store. Gatorade, Doritos, Coca-Cola or DKNY are just some huge brands that were redesigned. The rest of the list it’s almost pure creativity. Now enjoy, be inspired, and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Cadu Gomes


DKNY Be Delicious

Estee Lauder


Scent Stories (Perfume)

Ah&Oh Studio


Student Work – Tatiana Matsoulevitch


Anti Smoking Cigarette Pack Concept

Reynolds & Reyner


Torque Vodka


Honest Bros



Narani Kannan


Dino Gum




Samy Halim


 Student Work – David Biglow


Pop-Up Popcorn




Honey Moon

Lauren Golembiewski


 Salt&Pepper Cell


Antrepo Design Industry


Furry Utopia (music album)





Olive Oil

Alexandr Chernov


 Pencil Concept for handmade chocolate package

Think Packaging


21st Amendment





Concept: Rein


Vladimir Pospelov


ACDSleeve x Big Scary Monsters





Concept Design: Kiss






Alexandra Istratova


Doritos Concept

Petar Pavlov


Coca-Cola Pixel Edition



Erin L. M. McGuire


Lumi Inkodye


Stephen Angoulvant


S’Monsters S’Mores Kit by Nabisco

Preston Grubbs



Mockingbird Concepts


Samantha Wiley



Ilford 120 Film




Coca Cola

Dzmitry Samal


Helvetica Blu-Ray

Experimental Jetset