Firstly, I must “notify” you that you won’t find those classic landscape postcards in this article. Instead of making an article on something that I’m sure all of you know, we decided to try something new, a postcard style that you aren’t that used to! Now, the postcard business has changed a lot in the past years and has adapted for the internet with postcard printing services available at a click distance. However, the classic method of going to a store still survives and looks healthy.

Nonetheless, I advise you to take a careful look at these cool postcards, because it’s first of all a great inspirational source for those of you interested in typography. Another theme besides typography is vintage. Yes, you’ll find some great vintage postcards made by Will Miller. Minimalism is the third major theme of the article with Rayz Ong’s work in the spotlight! Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, please share  it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!


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Miguel Praca



New Year’s Postcard

Rita Neves



 NYNE Campaign Design

Raewyn Brandon








Rachel Kalagher



Enxoval de Peças Grupo G10

Raphael Rodrigues







Will Miller



Dona Barones







Rayz Ong





Andrea Sopranzi




Dan Brindley






Seiji Hori