We have gathered an extremely impressive collection of 28 Cool & Fresh Calendar Designs and you shouldn’t miss them by any circumstances. We worked really hard to find the right designs and we really hope that you’ll appreciate it! (There are a total of 64 incredible awesome pictures).


You will find any type of calendar design that you can wish of. From minimalistic (Kalendar 2012), to typography (Creative Quotes Calendar 2012, Letterpress Calendar 2012 etc.), digital art (Art Calendar 2012), colour (Pop-up Calendar 2012, vintage (2012 Calendar of Silly Holidays) as well as wall calendars or pocket calendars. What you will probably immediately notice is the cool and superb typography used as well as awesome drawing skills (as it can be well seen in Irina Vinnik’s Calendar). Well, I hope that you will enjoy it and be inspired by this collection! Nevertheless, if you’ll like this article ,then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Kalendar 2012





Art Calendar 2012





Creative Quotes Calendar 2012







Calendar made of matches








Trash Calendar 2011








Letterpess calendar 2012










School project Calendar






Johnathan Davies






inspirational and memorable – calendar 2012










The Design & Designers 2011 letterpress calendar






Calendar 2012








Pantone Calendar 2011






Calendrier Collector 2012






Mouscacho 2010 Calendars






Monster Calendar 2012








Pocket calendar 2012




The Last Calendar You’ll Ever Need






2011 Calendar






Calendar 2012










2012 Calendar of Silly Holidays






pop-up calendar 2012



UN ISDR Calendar 2012
















Irina Vinnik Calendar 2011






Calendar Hart 2012




Matariki: The Maori New Year 2012




Heidelberf Calendar 2012





Antalis Calenclock 2012