Philippe Klinger’s photos are impressive and even more than that, if you would know that he actually works as an IT technician, not as a professional photographer.  Yes, I agree, his photos certainly look professional, but photography is his occupation whenever he has time to spare.

In this article you’ll find a collection of 28 photos that I regard as his best work yet. He has put some impressive angles and 90% of the photos are made by using only a fine camera and some great lenses. Photoshop? No, sir! And if you don’t believe him, he is even explaining how he did those amazing photos.

Now, below you’ll be seeing landscapes, nature, urban architecture and so forth. It’s an extremely diverse collection and I’m sure that you’ll love it! Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you’ll like this article then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!
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Vourvourou (Greece)




Station Georg-Brauchle (Germany)



Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan



Sun & Storm



London – Natural History Museum



Water Duck



Hôtel des Invalides



Touchdown, Part II (Klinger waited 2 days for this shot)






Touchdown! (He waited 2 days to take the shot!)



World Of Reflections (Paris)



Torrent De Pareis






Brooklyn Bridge Sunset III



Welcome To The Future



S.O.S. (Montmartre Paris)

“No Photoshop, except for the standard RAW-conversion + contrast and so on.”



Sculpture in the yard of the KPMG building in Munich



Trapped Reflection



I’m more colourful than you!



Is It The End Of Days? (German Humour)




Is Time Linear?



In The Woods



The Earth, The Sky And A Tree






Kinderdijk Blue Hour






Blade Runner (Frankfurt)