We’ve succeeded in gathering 25 Superbly Done Vintage Fast Food Ads and I’m sure that you’re going to simply love them.  Although fast food is certainly not healthy, and it also comes with strings attached such as obesity, we all take a burger bite once in a while. The reason is simple: we don’t have time and running with a sandwich, while trying to catch the tube (subway), has become a part of our daily schedule.

Nevertheless, below you’ll see some superb Mc Donald’s vintage ads, as well as some Burger King vintage ads and KFC vintage ads. These three big chains are known all over the world, although in the US they are not the biggest.  For instance, Subway, Wendy’s or Taco Bell have higher incomes and profits than Burger King or KFC.

Nonetheless, there are some really nice slogans below, that you probably never heard of. Mc Donald’s “Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone” let’s you speechless. KFC’s  “Buckets For Hope” is another great example as it uses emotional marketing to appeal to consumers. Now, the last thing I want to add is this: In case you didn’t notice, in the 1970s all the major fast food chains were targeting Afro-Americans. Enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community!

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KFC -Finger Lickin’ (Christmas 1968)



Have It Your Way at Burger King (1975)


 Have It Your Way Goes Double Now at Burger King (1976)


Make It a Whopper (1976)



Make it Special Make it Burger King (1980)



Got a minute? Get a meal! Home of the Whopper – B. King (1966)



KFC – We fix Sunday Dinner (1967)


McDonald’s Michael Jordan (1987)



KFC – Wife Savers (1968)



Mc Donald’s – Smile And Say Cheeseburger (1971)


Mc Donald’s- The Big Meal (1971)



Mc Donald’s – Sure is good to have around (1975)



Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone (1974)



KFC- The chicken that comes home for the holidays (1967)



 Mc Donald’s Sure is good to have around (1975)



Get Down with Something Good at McDonald’s (1973)



KFC – Buckets-for-Hope-Day (1968)



 Burger King – America Love Burgers (1970s)



McDonald’s (1970s)



KFC-Let the Colonel pack your picnic (1967)



Any way yo go…McDonald’s (1962)



Get the best of the hot and cold (1975)


McDonald’s (1962)




Nobody Can Do it Like McDonald’s (1980)


Mc Donald’s introduces Big Mag (1969)