Sunday means photography on Neat Designs and therefore we have strived to collect 25 high quality photos. If we succeeded or not is for you guys to tell. Now, in recent years we have seen an explosion in a field which was usually dedicated to only a handful of men.  Unfortunately, as it happened elsewhere (e.g. movie industry, books) most of those self-proclaimed professionals photographers turned out to be modest amateurs who’s photos were neither expressive nor unique.  Furthermore, as the photographic industry expanded, this has put pressure on professionals who are now less independent than before.  By this I mean, that they can’t turn clients down anymore, as they’ve become rather easily replaceable. There’s always a fresher out there willing to make a name for himself.

Nevertheless, in this article you’ll find nature, animals, architecture or landscapes. As you are used to by now, we don’t specialize in a certain type of photography…I almost forgot, there are really some nice black & white photos below, don’t miss them! Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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 Roman Aquila Standard

Jens Rudnick


On the dock

Tag Frothingham



Mathias Rehberg



Aaron Yeoman



Trevor Cotton


Looking together…

Hans Knikman


Green & White

Nathan Wirth


Look into my eyes

Paolo Maffioletti


Stuttgarts New Public Library

Dominick Gauss


Kung fu cat

Claire Photographie


Andong, Korea

Jae Won Yeom


Feed Me

David Bouchat


Mission Impossible Haeundae

Sungyu Choi


Andong, Korea

Jae Won Yeom


Cuddle Me

Russell Ellis


Vagabond Salute

Mark Choi



Bojan Sirola



Vulture Labs


Inchon Songdo Posco The Shop

Yoon Shik Han


Hamnøy Mountains

Philip Eaglesfield


The Church of Maryam

Mohammad Nouri


The x

Hyunwoo Park


Color beach

Anan Charoenkal



Johari Saad