We have gathered 23 Unique & Creative Lamp Designs and I’m sure that you would like to have one on your desk too. What can be more inspiring than a cool lamp? Of course, a lot of things, I know, but at least their awesome design will make you more ambitious in your projects.

Nevertheless, I have to warn you that this is just a showcase and  because we’re not trying to sell anything here, we won’t disclose any info. If you’re interested in buying some of this stuff, just google it.

Now, there are some lamps here that are probably worth more than we think. Brain or dog lamp are simply too cool. But how about taking a cup of coffee and put it on a special lamp shelf? Enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Robot Lamp

Run Away Lamp


Mickey Lamp


Dog Lamp


Robot Lamps


Already Wrecked Lamp


Brain Lamp


Naked Guy Lamp


Ice Cream Cones Lamps


Long Dog Lamp


Paint Pouring Lamps


Built-in-Wall Lamp


 Junk Pipe Lamp


Bowling Pins Lamp


Gas Pump/Bicycle Lamp


Fire Wood Lamp




Hang Man Lamp


Scared Cat Lamp


Tea Cup Lamp


Glass Bowl Lamp


Light Bulb Lamps