We have selected 22 Industrial Design Concepts and we are sure that you’ll want to see them.  It is often said that developed nations have willingly ceded their industrial base (which became less profitable as the years went by) in order to switch to more innovative based economies who can bring a lot more ROI. Therefore, what we are witnessing today, when new innovative products and services appear each day, is a direct consequence of that strategy.

However, not all industrial design concepts are useful. As a result, we had a tough job in choosing those products that have both a unique design and are also useful. Now, below you’ll find lamps, cruets, cars, printers, urban furniture, fridges, coffee machines, fruit bowls or Apple product stands. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Segmentus clock (concept)




Segmentus clock has hands that form numbers like those on a digital display. It’s time for true postmodernism.



Cloud lamps. Cooperation


Gabi Malacha



Fruit bowl ‘128’ Cardboard


This fruit bowl is handmade by gluing 128 different pieces of recycledcardboard together. Because of the different levels in the fruitbowl you will be able to ‘play’ with the pieces of fruit and the space in the bowl.





James Wood


The product has within it a 20 litre wormery for the decomposition of the households organic waste. This waste is broken down into a nutrient rich fertilizer, which is then used to grow fresh organic produce.



Glance Cel Phone



Alan Gerardo Farias

Glance’s intention is to avoid taking out your cell phone when you just want to know its current status.



 Cruets (vinegar & oil)


Jaume Cornellà


AVES Inkjet Printer


Myo Win


Aves printer is a refreshing deviation from conventional inkjet printers. Aves transforms itself to life when it’s time to print, creating a unique and
novel experience. Unlike many traditional printers on the market, the robotic Aves printer will entertain and engage the user time and again.


S2 system

Raky Martinez


S2 system is a modular seat for indoor and outdoor purpose. 3 different parts made in rotation moulding plastic, can be shape in order to redefine a space to lodge people in public spaces and terraces.



NEWTON (fruit holder)


Umut Demirel



Rubber Shelves

Luke Hart



Lotus urban drinking fountain


Liebe Zum Detail

The special feature of the leaves of the lotus flower is that they are liquid-repellent, so that , for example, water runs off easily. This leaves always remain clean, and it can not form fungi or other organisms.(Lotus effect). This is the reason why in many parts of Asia, the lotus, stands as a symbol for purity, loyalty, creativity and enlightenment.



Koolie fridge


Tommi Moilanen

Single people and small families don’t need hundreds of liters of space in their fridges and those kind of households form a major portion of the population in big cities these days and even more so in the future. Having just big enough fridge saves space at home and makes it possible to use the fridge as a shopping cart or a picnic basket.

Koolie has an NFC field build inside so that it detects all the new food items placed inside and charges a predefined credit or debit card automatically when you leave the store through cashier gates. Inside the store you can just add and remove items from the fridge since they are not charged until you leave the store.


ONO – Retrofuturistic Bike

Carlos Agell



Legs for iPad



Anson Cheun



Somo Family



Dimitar Karanikolov

What are the Somos ?

– Lamps
– Sculptures
– Toys
– Garden features
– Plastic pets
– Solar collectors



Shell Eco Marathon project




Petar Lazarov



Umbrella Stand

Wiktoria Szawiel




Newform design Faucet


Daniel Grande



Extruded vase


Quan Zhou



“Mo’Joe” Coffee on tap



Netali Hernandez


The Mo’Joe coffee maker, a sleek gently arcing spout  that makes single, varying cups of coffee according to each individual drinker. there is no pot of coffee left burning for hours and the water storage/heating unit it connected directly to the water source beneath the counter top thus using a fraction of the space of conventional coffee makers. Mojoe saves time by heating only a single serving of hot water, it saves water by brewing fresh coffee only by the cup, it saves coffee by using only what will be used for a serving and it saves time by instantly making a cup of coffee when needed.

For those on the go, for those concerned about Mother Earth, for those concerned about the Benjamins or for those concerned about how it will look in the kitchen, Mo’Joe has it all. Made from stainless steel and acrylic, it is offered in a range of finishes including chrome, satin chrome, polished brass and other options. Mo’Joe’s gentle and simple arc appears both retro and modern, making it appealing to coffee drinkers of many tastes.



Lily(suspension lamp)



Tetsuo Takahashi


Lilly is an origami-insipred suspension lamp made in paper material, and the lamp can be fold up easily to carry and it become a portable size.



Stea squezeer