We have a great collection of vintage theatre and cabaret posters here, the vast majority being from two worldwide known institutions in the fields: Moulin Rouge and Broadway. Furthermore, the oldest poster to feature in this article is the one for a play called Ambassadeurs that was performed at Club les Ambassadeurs in 1892. What is impressive about some posters is that they were draw and painted by the famous impressionist painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Moreover, most of the posters from Paris were creating during the La Belle Époque (English: Beautiful Era) which reminded me of a great movie that I have to recommend you: Midnight in Paris directed by Woody Allen. Nevertheless, Broadway has some interesting posters as well (such as the one for A Street Car Named Desire) and I would gladly invite to see them. Therefore, enjoy, be inspired and share with your community or friends if you liked it. Thanks!

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Moulin Rouge (1900)


Tournee du Chat Noir Avec Rodolptte Salis (1896)

Théophile Alexandre Steinlen


Ambassadeurs (1892)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec


A Streetcar Named Desire – Broadway Poster (1947)



Theatre de l’Opera (1900)



Joseph and the Amazing Technicolo Dreamcoat (1982)




Rafal Olbinski


Theatre du Moulin Rouge

Jules-Alexandre Grün


William Gillette as Sherlock Holmes: Farewell to the Stage (1927)


Cat On A Hot Tin Roof


Lido Poster, Dancing Girl, France


110 in the Shade


The Marriage of Figaro

Rafal Olbinski


Theatre de l’Opera


Prince of Magicians – Slave of the Orient Theatre Poster




Ice Palace, Champs Elysees, Paris (1893)

Jules Chéret


Moulin Rouge Concerts


Beauty and The Beast – Broadway Poster (1994)


Battle Hymn


“Jane Avril” at the Jardin De Paris (1893)

Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec



Andrea Laliberte