No one can’t argue that outdoor advertisement is a top creative field. Here publishers accept with more ease bold ideas that you usually don’t see in print or commercials.  Probably because exposure is correlated with risk. And you simply can’t compare between exposures – outdoor definitely gets the third place.

Now, today you’ll going to see 23 Cool & Creative Bus Stop Ads. And believe me, these are simply great. Furthermore, they include big names such as PlayStation, McDonald’s, Absolut Vodka, Nivea or Star Wars. So, quality guaranteed. Nevertheless, my personal favourite is Science World’s Sneeze – so funny that will instantly stick into your head. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community!

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Fitness First



Caribou Coffee



Playstation 2






Biggest Loser couples



Nissei Drugstore



Star Wars Episode III



Nivea good-bye cellulite: Bubble-wrap



XBox, Alan Wake: Flashlight


Norwegian: New Destinations, The Sauna


Livegreen Toronto: Switch


Absolut Bloody


Absolut Twist



Absolut Lemon



Science World:Sneeze


Science World: Snort



Telia: Save


Vaseline: Braille poster


Foundation Abbé Pierre


Australian Post



Hasbro Cluedo (for connaisseurs)


Something Special