We made up a list of 22 simply awesome business cards that were recently released.  However, I must tell you that we can barely keep up with the new stuff that comes out each day. Of course, we thank God that not all of it is good, therefore making our job much more easier.

Nevertheless, in today’s showcase you’re going to see again a variety of style and colours. And we strived not to bring to much black and white, although it’s fashionable today in the industry. As regards the styles, these are minimal, retro/vintage, colourful, clean and other. Therefore, we think that we made an interesting list that would you get an inspiration edge. Furthermore, after you finish the design make sure to use 48 hour print, it will certainly give you a time edge against your competitors. Enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Geodetics Business Card sample

b-type design


MuscleFire™ Biz Cards

RDL Digital






Nili Studios Nautical Letterpress Business Cards

Print & Grain


Orange Girl Letterpress Business Cards

Print & Grain



Personal business cards

 Joel Omana



We Love Design




Kitty’s Beauty Parlour Letterpress Business Card



Art Business Card




Letterpress Business cards

Detail Vision



Silver ink on black

 Print & Grain



Self Illustration Clean Business Card



Mors Business Cards

 Alexey Malina



 Motive Media Business Cards

Dustin La Mont



Creative Retro Business Card

Theme Flava



Letterpress Business Cards

Print & Grain


Business Card Clean Realistic Mockups



Woodsen Eyewear Business Card

We The Printers



Yoga business card



Staci Photography Simplicity Business Card

Joash Berkeley Graphic Design


Gois Corporate Business Card




JB Typographic Business Card (Call Me Maybe)

Joash Berkeley Graphic Design