We decided to make you a New Year’s surprise by writing an article on 21 Magnificent Fireworks Photos.  Personally, I can’t stop staring at these incredible pics, and I really envy especially those people from Montreal, Canada who had the opportunity to see such a great live show, Moreover, what happened in some parts of the world could be more realistically described as art, not as a spectacle.  Well, I must tell you that we gathered photos from Montreal, Vancouver, Macau, Japan, Wellington(NZ(, Missouri (USA), Florida (USA),Jersey(USA) Malayesia,  as well as from England. That means 10 different parts of the world each with its own special display. Nevertheless, please enjoy, be inspired and share if you’ll like what you’ll see! Many thanks!


Montreal (First 7 photos)

















New Jersey (USA)




Japan (next 4 photos)





Springfield, Missouri (USA)


Mersey, Sale, England



Sentosa, Malayesia



Outwell, England



Roseneath, Wellington, (NZ)



Florida (USA)



Marina Bay, Malayesia