20 Brilliant & Hallucinating Absinthe Bottle Designs


We’ve gathered 20 Brilliant & Hallucinating Absinthe Bottle Designs and we think that you’ll enjoy them as much as we did. For those of you who don’t know, Absinthe is that green drink that you’ve probably first seen in the movies (I, for instance, saw it in Eurotrip –about 10 years ago).

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20 Cool Vintage Children Book Covers


We have selected 20 Cool Vintage Children Book Covers and I’m sure that at least some of you will simply love them. The book covers that you’ll see below cover a time span of 3 decades. To be more specific, the oldest children book cover to feature here is from 1959, whereas the newest is from 1987.

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The 1 Billion $ Ad Campaign – Citi’s Live Richly


Citi Bank’s Live Richly is probably the most persuasive ad campaign in the history of advertising. It hits you so hard on the emotional level that a face to face encounter with a train or a truck could be better and recommended. Not only did I felt that, when running a couple of times through the ads, but also so did millions of American consumers.

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26 Marvelous Photos That You Mustn’t Miss


We’ve gathered 26 Marvelous Photos and we think that you shouldn’t miss them.  In this article you’ll find more landscapes and nature photography than in any other article that we’ve written before. Well, it’s beginning to feel like a real spring now, so that had an influence on our selection.  Another new type of photo to feature here is portrait. Yes, there’s a really nice photo taken by Lee Jeffries.

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25 Excellent Examples of Auto Digital Art


We have selected 25 of the Most Coolest & Finest Auto Digital Art Examples and we think that you’ll simply love them. In this article you’ll find an extremely diverse collection which includes everything that’s powered by a motor and is a land vehicle. Therefore, you’ll see cars (Formula 1, vintage cars- Mercedes,  Ferrari’s etc.), motorcycles, tanks (yes, that’s right!), trucks,  as well as some vehicles in action packed scenes.

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