We’ve selected 20 Horror Digital Art Examples and we think that they will simply give you the creeps.  I must warn you that if you’re faint of heart, you should stop here. For the rest of you, some of the images here will haunt you for a time. Now, our plan wasn’t to select odious images, but to make a selection of those who pushed the talent and the wit of the designers involved to the limit.

For instance, we came across an image where a guy’s hand was forcefully pushed through a meat mincer (actually, the first was already minced and it was pushing its way out of the machine). That was odious and it wasn’t art. Nonetheless, before you start viewing the images, I would like to congratulate the terrible effort made by Jerrad Marantz and Ninjaassn who created some awesome horror digital art examples. Nevertheless, the others have produced similar high quality illustrations as well. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Joker by believerdeceiver




American Horror Story ” Infantata final Design”

by Jerad_S_Marantz


Hansel and Gretel by NinjaASSN



The Blind Ones by Jerad_S_Marantz



Dinner time! by Randis



Kraken (Clash of the Titans) by Jerad_S_Marantz



The Diver by Randis



Red Riding Hood by NinjaASSN



Pete by dougbot


Halloween day by ddaepark



Melt Zombie by LrZo



The Innsmouth Look by sirfrancisdrake



Purchase by JonMcCoy



batman by pstchoart



Keys to your soul! by pteropus




Worshiper by namesjames



White death by MarcoMazzoni



Grandfather by Parkin



3 Little Pigs by NinjaASSN



 American Horror Story “Larry Harvey” burn makeup design