We have gathered what we think are 20 Extremely Cute Postcards and I think you’ll find here some great examples of how an appealing postcard should look like. Maybe cats and dogs are overused, but they still top the postcard sales of every bookseller. Therefore, a half of those images that you’ll see below include these two lovely and fuzzy animals.

Postcard printing is a relatively new service. Until a couple of years ago, there were few companies who offered the possibility of printing your own work.

Nevertheless, below you’ll see adorable postcards, ranging from cats, dogs, squirrels, babies or bears. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Please. Please. Tell me I’m cute.

by Paul Murray


First Kiss by Josh Wentz


SHOVE IT IN! by Lori Deiter


Whatever. by Crockpot


“Bear Prayer” – polar bears look like they are praying

by John Hartung


WELCOME SPRING! by Lori Deiter


Rainy Day Coffee by Annya Kai


I Found Waldo by down23


“Princess Kendra” Pout is like this HUH?

by Toni Kane


Nap Time Friend by KartoonDudez


Don’t Make Me Put My Foot Down

by down23


Say “Cheese” (or Peanuts) by Lori Deiter


Don’t give me those Puppy Eyes!

by Colleen2012


All Dressed Up by down23


The Cat in the Hat by María González


Missy’s Dress by down23


Don’t Mind Me by Josh Rocklage


Peanuts or Else! by Lori Deiter


WHOEVER SAID 3’S A CROWD by Colleen2012