Once in a while we want try something different, out of the mainstream, therefore now we came up with a beautiful collection of 20 stamp designs.  Most of them are really eye-candy and thus they merit every single second of your attention.
Here you’ll see stamps that have different themes from nationalism, medicine, Olympic Games to the history of innovation, wildlife protection or landscapes. Each has its unique way of telling you a story. Nevertheless, if you are used to classic stamps, I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed because the designers of these stamps have a very modern approach. Of course, that won’t change the fact that they are lovely. Well, now I hope that you’ll find inspiration in this article and don’t forget to spread the word (if you will like what you’ll see)! Many thanks! Cheers!

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British Stamps

Lindsay Hore

WWF Stamp

Justin Marimon


RSA Stamps

Petros Afshar



Nicolette Atkinson


Homage to the stamp


Gavin Potenza

Massey University 125th Anniversary: Stamp Set

Logan Willmot




Dany Rubbo



Swedish Stamp Design



Jack Rugile

Royal Mail Postage Stamps

Neil Martin


Stamps for the Danish Postal Service

Emil Holtoug


Imagine Peace Tower stamp

Örn Smári Gíslason



New Year’s Stamp

Gloria Lopez



New Zealand’s Medical Innovations



Biodiversity Stamps

Charlotte Miller



USA Stamps

Ismael Sanchez


Rennaissance Year Stamps

Thomas Arendt



8th IAAF World Indoor Championships

Joao Tinoco



London 2012 Olympic stamps