We’ve reached the 4th part of our 1950s – 20 Fabulous Ads From the Golden Era and we think you will be glad to see this series continued. Now, you need to know that the 1950s were marked by profound protectionism as the countries involved in the Second World War were rebuilding their economies. This is the case with the UK and the US (see for example Buy American Toys ad). Also, another recurrent them is the war – but this time it’s about Korea! Therefore, Coca-Cola has adapted its ads accordingly, as well as Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotels Empire (America on its Knees).

Now, other great brands are also present. For instance, you’ll see two ads from Lucky Strike and ads from Motorola, Schlitz or Chesterfield. As you’ve probably notice by now, most of the ads from the 1950s are drawings, rather than photos. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Lucky Strike (1951)


Coke (1951)


Giving the Little Woman the Willys, 1953


the Canadian Tea Council 1957


Lucky Strikes Thanksgiving, 1950


America on Its Knees, 1952


Our Little Cut-up, 1952


TWA… family affair! 1950


Studebaker Starliner For ’52


Scandinavian Airlines System 1953


Schlitz Beer Ad 1951


Give Chesterfield in the Carton that Glows* for Real! (1956)


Give American Toys, 1953 (or advertised protectionism)


Judy Bond Shirts Ad 1954


New York Central – 1953


Nibbles-Is My Face Red, 1954


British American Oil Company (1957)


MOTOROLA TV Dealer Sales Portofolio (USA 1958)


Proctor toaster 1950


Gold Medal Flour – 1956