Brochure design seems to be really popular these days, so we came up with another selection of cool brochures. Nevertheless, this time we’ve only included travel brochures and we think they are really worth your time.

Brochures, stickers, postcards, business cards are really nice cash opportunities for every designer. The demand is strong and you could spend limited time on working their design if you have the right inspirational sources. The high demand can be partially explained by the fact that nowadays everyone can afford to print brochures. Furthermore, our society tends to view marketing as an indispensible part of any business (either small or big) and therefore entrepreneurs tend to pour more money in marketing, than in, for example, development.

Now, this collection includes brochures from exotic places such as the Seychelles Islands, as well as brochures from well-known tourist destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin or Istanbul. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Zaahir Effendi


Monaco Brochure


Berlin Brochure


Naples Brochure


Istanbul Brochure



Motorabilia Tour Brochure


Stephen Smith


The Sup Spot


Carlo Villamin


Montreal Brochure


Luke West


Travel Portland Print and Web Campaign

Beth Chapleau



GAP Adventures

Jessica Hunggar


GAP Adventures


Travel brochure


Heavenly Matched Travel

Kwon Diep


11″ x 17″ Bi-fold Travel Brochure

S.R. Martin


G.A.P Adventures Travel Brochure


Charmaine Muzyka


11″ x 17″ Bi-fold Winter Travel Brochure

S.R. Martin


Travel Brochure

Hy Nobi


Oceania Travel