We’ve selected 16 Refreshing & Cool Juice Package Designs and put them all below.  The keyword here is of course creativeness since these package come in a variety of shapes and forms.  Obviously, all unique. Now, as we all probably learned by now, powerful brands can only be outrun by unique packages. For instance, I’m sometimes persuaded by catchy boxes, and I’m sure that everybody buys once in a while a product, just because it has a neat package.

Now, below you’ll find some really creative juice package that will certainly give you the necessary dose of inspiration for your projects. Furthermore, I don’t seem to find a known brand in the list, so that should certainly be a plus! Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Jacobs Juice


Orchard Pig




Christian Braathen



Student Work: Juicy Juice

Preston Grubbs



Birdy Juice Concept

Mats Oddal



Innocent Juices

Family (and friends)



MYGO Superfruit

B&T Group



Yo-Ho-Ho Juice

Elena Kaimanova



Fizzy Lizzy




Student Work – Yunyeen Yong

Yunyeen Yong







Oracle Organics

Fenetik Design



IZZE Sparkling Juice



Student Work


Clara Cabral de Sousa



MYGO Superfruit

B&T Group



Juice boxes

Naoto Fukasawa