We have selected 15 Stunning Industrially Designed Toys and I’m sure that at least a couple of them will impress you. Who didn’t dream in his/her childhood for the most technically advanced toys? Well, below you’ll see industrial design (with a toy on top) pushed to the limit.

Combining ingenuity with creativity, these guys managed to create useful, fun and interactive toys. DFG Playset probably stands first from the crowd, as it has all the right ingredients for a successful recipe. Developing children’s skills and imagination is not the only thing it can do. It also teaches your kids to respect nature. However, you shouldn’t neglect The Study Bots which I think are inspired from The Transformers. Moreover, Rubik cubs can now be solved by blind men too! And these are only some of the creative toys that you’ll see below. Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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DFG Playsets



Craig Howard

DFG Playset is a children’s toy giving kids the opportunity to create whatever their minds lead them. Through three different sets of play pieces the child builds motor skills and the imagination. Once the child has finished playing with the play pieces they bury it in soil and water, the pieces dissolve and a plant is grown from the seeds imbedded in the pieces. The Playset was designed to teach children about the life after a product and the importance of recycling, while expanding the child’s imagination.








Aldredo Ruiz

During a journey the child takes a pictures and capture on the screen. Then he/she can white and draw on the photo and save it. This allows the child to customize his/her story of the trip. At home the child can download it and print it, as postcards!



The Study Bots







Harsha Vardhan R

What if Stationery were not really stationary. Can Stationery be played with?This direction of thought gave rise to a fun little toy idea as shown…The objects have lives of their own , outside their normal modes of existence. Work with them in their static mode and play with them in the dynamic mode. Both modes are achieved by specific joinery for the limbs.





Alex Mamontoff



Rubick Cube for blind people







Konstantin Datz



GeoThink Toy



Pedro Duarte

This toy helps exercise the thought and structural visualization of objects and three-dimensional volumes. It consists of 2 different pieces. The materials used are HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and aluminum.



MO! interaction toy



Gonzalo Guerrero

Product description: Interactive audio device which emits melodies controlled by hand movements
The sound is controlled by moving the hand towards and away from the device´s sensor without direct contact . Alternating movements produce varying frequencies.  Ideal hand movements are similar to those used to play percussion.


Bath’s Bomb


Aleksandr Mukomelov

For absolutely fearless champions got used to any difficulties and dangers.For men stepping along the blade every day.For ones who really know the value of the words honour and courage.



With Me Bone for loney dogs



Yunfan Tan

Researchers said that many dogs may have autism too cause their owners do not have enough time to be with them. Dogs are just like children and do not want to be left alone at home. What things can reduce a dog’s lonely feeling?I found that your smell and your voice are good choices.

WithMe Bone is toy for lonely dogs. It can store your smell and your voice. When your dogs are with this bone, they feel like they are with you.