I know that it’s fashionable to talk these days about Apple and  I also know that sometimes it can be redundant and annoying. Nevertheless, no matter how much we talk about Apple and its products, there are still things that need our attention. Therefore, I have gathered a collection of 15 free apple icons for you to get inspired and download (click here). Yes, you got it! It’s another freebie from us, the third to be more exact! Now, you might be interested to here something about the type of icons. Well, there are folder icons, iPod icons, Macbook icons or logo icons and so forth. Yes, it’s a diverse collection, although some of you might find repetitive. Nonetheless, I assure you that all are high quality icons, with good taste being the main selection criterion. Enjoy, be inspired and if you will like it, share this article with your friends or community! Thanks!

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