We have gathered 15 Creative Brochures and we think that they will have a good impact as regards both sales and company image. Nonetheless, the word catchy was central to our research and I think we came up with some really cool brochures.

If a brochure is well designed and has a persuasive written content, then its impact is far higher than the impact of other promotional materials.  Furthermore, today’s services offer competitive prices, cheaper than in the past. Thus, brochures should be everyone’s favourite way of advertisement.

The brochure examples below include a variety of types from classic to festival, triangular and folding brochures. They can all serve as neat templates for your future projects! Now, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!

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Thomas Pavitte


Editorial Design – BA. Corporate Branding


Mick Gapp


Unicer Corporate Brochure and Product Catalogue



Hugo Vincente


CHP Brochure


Nicole Kraieski


using 2.5d graphic design


Ngoc Thuy Do


MCA – A5 Brochure Design




Michael Schepis


mediaPro — Brochure



SZ Developments Brochure

Design Has No Name


Festival Brochure & Billboard


Patricio Murphy


Bun B Live In Concert


Elena Kadreva


Product Showcase Brochure



Andrej Sevkovskij


Print Material for a Play

Jirka Vaatainen


Spielplan Oper Graz


Moodley Brand Identity




Moskito Design


Entre Elles




Vincent Juge