We have selected 15 Cool Brochures That You Shouldn’t Miss and we think that they will be a great inspirational source for all you designers out there. Compared with other promotional materials that have appeared and disappeared along the years, brochures seem like Bruce Willis in one of his Die hard movies: untouchable. Yes, brochures are and will be popular for a long time now.

Below, you’ll find some great examples of typography, minimal, clean, vintage or colourful brochures, all fresh and ready to help you. Now, I think that this diverse collection will cover everybody’s taste. Therefore, you’ll first get inspired and then you can choose some realy great brochure printing et voila, your work is done! Nevertheless, I recommend you to scroll slowly this article, because, as the title says, you shouldn’t miss any of them. Nevertheless, enjoy, be inspired and if you will like this article, then please share it with your friends or community! Many thanks! Cheers!


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Squat Design



Forum Properties Brochure



Aleksander Blücher



Swing for the Fences


Justin Schafer



Founders Walk


Christy Coma



My Cured Computer Corporate Identity





Moskito Design





Letitia Lehner



Duohtavuohta Lookbook


Ossi Gustafsson



WWF – Climate Change


Raewyn Brandon



Orient Mall

Duaa Abazeed



Semyx Brochure




Simpson’s Brochure Pack



Greig Anderson



100 anni di storia



Giulian Ronchi



Tipografia Tiburtini

Gamilla Gatti