My personal opinion is that these 15 photos are simply gorgeous and breathtaking. There authors, who are mostly amateurs, should be proud of their work and certainly deserve our applause. In this collection, I tried first of all to aim at spectacular views. Nevertheless, here you will find photos from Brazil, Iceland, Austria, United States, Spain, Italy and so forth. I truly hope that these will make your day. Also, if you liked this article please share it with your family and friends! Many thanks!

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Haalstat (Austria)

Photo by Pilar Azana


 Wee lighthouse in Aberdeenshire (Scotland)

Photo by Angus Clyne


Sugarloaf Mountain (Brazil)

Photo by Zoran Milich/Masterfile


Grey Whale Cove Surf – San Mateo County, California (USA)

Photo by Patrick Smith


Hvítserkur (Iceland)

Photo by Dalla


Loch Tay (Scotland)


Frozen in Time

Photo by Philipp Klinger



Photo by Philipp Klinger


Lençóis Maranhenses National Park (Brazil)

Photo by Salvatore Gebbia


 The  valley of mount Ritterkopf (Austria)

Photo by Ben


Escape from Reality

Photo by Garry


Blue Hour At The Fishing Port (Italy)

Photo by Philipp Klinger


De Gerra Beach – San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria (Spain)

Photo by Pilar Azana


Gondoliere (Venice, Italy)

Photo by Pilar Azana