I have made for you a selection of 12 magnificent warm-coloured logos.  If you love lively and colourful brand identities and you lack inspiration, this is clearly the place from where to start! I have included even two logos from the candidates of the 2016 Olympic games. Enjoy and please share with your friends or community! Cheers!

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Tortilla Chicks

Creator: csicsucs

Krokodil Kindergarten

Creator: csicsucs

Designed by Youth Farm

Alupa Creative

Creator: Joshua Dillon

Spice Mountain

Creator: Thomas Bossee




Creator: Sommita

Written Word Workshop

Creator: Helms Workshop

Rio 2016

Creator: Tatil

Zaragoza 2016

Creator: Cubo

Optimistic Beverages

Creator: Helms Workshop

Papeterie Haute – Ville

Creator: Alexey Busygin