Funny Images That Will Make Your Day Better


In our daily routine, this magic thing called the Internet can really put a smile on our faces. They call it ‘procrastination’, but browsing through random pics and videos and info on the web that is not related to our job is an important part of getting through the day. So let’s stop feeling guilty about it and find the best viral content out there to entertain us.

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Awesome Holiday Wallpapers


Buddha’s famous words echo through the ages. He said that we think we have time. Life in the 21st century is so fast-paced that we barely get a chance to breathe in-between our daily jobs. Vacations come as a blessing, but the trouble is that they always end too fast. Whether it’s Thanksgivings, Christmas, or Easter, the precious time that we spend with our friends and family seems to fly. So, what do we do? Some of us try to immortalize them in ‘Instagram moments’ or ‘Kodak moments’ because we want to hold on to those memories for as long as possible.

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Webydo: The Professional Website Building Platform for Independent Designers


Statistics say that 74% of new websites are still being commissioned by clients to web designers and web developers, who do a great job creating professional online platforms – and make heavy use of their coding skills in the process. Yet, the best thing that could possibly happen to a graphic designer is to find the means of creating professional websites single-handedly – as it would be synonymous with creative freedom, and unhindered client-designer communication.

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An Up-To-Date List Of 10 Stellar Web Hosting Companies

1. KnownHost

Your website has to be impervious to downtime, because every time it goes offline you lose money. The best way to ensure that this problem won’t concern you is to nip in the bud: host your website with a reliable company. This is a selection of the best hosting companies that today’s market has to offer.

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